About Liz

With over 25 years of business and writing experience, Liz is a Business Process Specialist who helps her clients create competitive advantage.

She is renowned for her ability to help businesses develop and document their processes and procedures, so they consistently produce high-quality products and services, and build a strong market reputation. She also helps them increase their success by through tender/grant writing services and stakeholder engagement and communication.

Liz uses practical and efficient strategies to help everyone from small businesses right through to large corporates. Her strengths involve pulling information together, analysing it, then presenting it in a practical, usable format. She loves making things work smoothly, and is there to make the process easy and enjoyable.

Liz Hurst, Founder Well Written

Why did Liz start Well Written?

Liz started life in human resources and was often involved in grievance resolution.  Over time she noticed a pattern – many of the grievances she dealt with stemmed not from the people so much as issues with processes, procedures and the way work was organised. Problems that often looked like personality clashes on the surface, could be fixed by changing the way things were done. By addressing systemic issues first, she focused on fixing the right problems. There were less grievances and the workplace became happier and more productive.

From human resources, Liz moved into process improvement and compliance roles, which led her to start Well Written in 2005. Since starting the business, Liz has helped her clients successfully complete a broad range of projects.

Liz’s Project Experience

  • Establishing new services/business units
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Infrastructure renovations/upgrades
  • Standards compliance
  • Strategic plan development
  • Service and business analysis
  • Continuous improvement
  • Restructures
  • Franchising
  • Business continuity
  • Executive and governance support for not-for-profit boards
  • Implementing pilot programs
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
Alina Aydt, Janissen Electrics

Today Liz works with many clients on a long term basis (she is still working with her first ever client from 2005). Liz’s clients include companies and not-for profits operating in mining/resources, employment, training, professional services, community services, electrical and communications, retail, healthcare, engineering, franchises, property, finance and everything else in between.

The eternal student

Liz is passionate about learning and is always on the look out for new courses. She has a Degree in Business, a Diploma of Journalism and a Diploma in Professional Writing and Publishing.

To support her change management and leadership work, she has completed leadership and project management courses and the Neuroscience Academy’s Certificate in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.

When Liz isn’t working

Liz lives by Winston Churchill’s quote, “we make a life by what we give.” She is actively involved in her local community, volunteering in her local school, at the Stirling Business Association, Australian Institute of Management and the Project Management Institute’s Women in Project Management Group.

When Liz finds herself at a rare loose end, you’ll find her reading, doing jigsaws and walking the youngest member of the family. She is also passionate about drinking tea (preferably from a brightly coloured teapot)!

Would you like to work together?

To find out more or have an informal chat about how Liz can help you gain a competitive advantage, contact Liz today.